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by Peter van Dalen

Uploaded on 12th Nov 2001 - Downloaded 407 times


Race for points! Choose from 5 different tracks, 3 difficulty levels, 2 modes of play.Your scores will be saved automatically (you can reset them too) Although there are computer opponents.... just ignore them. They really don't make a difference (for now that is) :). One thing I sure would appreciate is feedback on the options at the title screen. That arrow is by far the biggest process of the whole game :(. I also have included the PRG for you. (I admit it is rather clunky, but hey.. it works!!)


Name Comment
Peter van Dalen Track 5 was missing (?!). I have uploaded it now.
Futgiz Nice one again Peter(Van Dalen)! BUT it rolls with a bit too fast i think, for me!
PH It cant be that difficult churning out remakes of DIV tutorials now can it? Speed for dummies with worse gfx, the cars dont have any other angles. Time to back to the drawing board Peter, and your own at that. Dont take all this critisism the wrong way but you should start a fresh and make something yourself, look at Billabong Racers PRG if you want, and learn not rip.
Divverence It's very fast. Nice done
Anonymous User Just thought that your not saying this one is bad just to get more downloads for your own game Paul Hamilton? Cos this game is great, even i dont like much Mode7 games in high resolutions..
PH I was actualy trying to help Peter by encouraging him to learn from another style of div code which offers a higher level of gameplay.
- ^_^ - Kenn-San - Hey, I like it. I don't like the fact of no angles or char' selection but the use of RM2k chars was great!
Jethro Walters Only reason this isn't 10 is because there isn't a 5th track in the zip file. Can you find out whether the 5th track has been uploaded yet? Nice game.
jethro I have made a 5th track with the FPG file that actually works! Just needs a few tweaks with the graphics here and there. I will upload it as the DIV KART RACERS TRACK 5 PATCH asap. Oh, "ph", whoever you are, stop critising his game, because they say the best way to learn is to edit the source code and/or graphics of the game. I don't mind the freshly created games, such as Billabong Racers, they are fantastic as they are, but if you can't create a game yourself that has one ounce of original source code or graphics of DIV games, then something is seriously wrong. Once again, nice game Peter. Keep it up and start churning out remakes of this game.

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