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Billabong Racers

by Paul Hamilton

Uploaded on 11th Nov 2001 - Downloaded 133343 times


8 3D rendered characters, 4 tracks, Lap times, weapons, 3 speed classes, and a driving school. And its the only game with a snake driving a Go-Kart!You must place in the top 4 and collect 20 shrooms in each race. The 250cc cup is a challenge, but possible.


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Name Comment
PH A very playable game, whoever took the screenshot was on for over 7 mins, must of had a good look around! I uploaded it for the DIV2cd realy but I dont mind. More of a gameover game than a WIP though
Ant It looks good...just downloading it...
antzrhere Very nicely done! very proffessional...and good fun to play!...why don't you lower the mode7 camera focus to make it look even better
PH I have the camera in close and low to keep the file size down the tracks only need to be an eighth of the size that I had them.
Divverence Looks very promising. Has the looks of a comercial game.
tony very funny animals the snake is funny but were are there names
Futgiz Nice mode7 game. Very addiktive gameplay. Althought the computers are too bad drivers, on the first 3 pixels youve beaten them all! Well the driving school cant eather be played over with all cars.. And the left+right xgraphs are shown pretty badly.. Umh, bad things only! :) But game is really good, really nice looking pre rendered graphics and all! Even the *.prg included! This is awesome man! Get it! ;)
Paul Thanx for the comments, but Futgiz what do you mean about 3 pixels and youve won? The 50cc and 150cc are beginner levels, the 250cc is where the callenge lies. Also I never noticed any problems with the L/R xgraphs? If your meaning on the players kart there are none. Cears anyways though.
Futgiz Just mean the computers are too easy, well in my other racing everybody said the computers are too good but i beatep them easily. So you propable got the right difficult level. :) Theres not any problems with the left + right graphs but they just look so bad.. (just corrections to my last message)
Paul Yeah I know what u mean I had them on a harder difficulty level and I found it real easy, but I got little bro out of he's box and he couldnt play it, he found it too hard as a beginner, so thats why I made it easier. Which game was yours and Ill go and get it.
jethro Nice. The timing needs to be improved, but that is only a minor flaw with the game. I can't think of any other ways to improve on this.
Futgiz Yes thats propably wiser, ment that you added difficult levels. Well in my little game theyr also available but but not on the early wip; they can be putted from the source only, in the wip. Well yours nice, try Rally Forever now:)
Paul By Timing Im asuming u mean the lap-times, it was a problem for me right from the start, theres something in the code which is deleting a text id and this can knock it all to pot. Ill try and sort it out for the next installment as I wanna have 5 laps per race also.
Ross Bilabong thats a night club aint it paul! cool name, mario look out there is a snake about. Bilabong
Justin Mint
Peter Good stuff. One complaint I found the controls a bit awkward :S
Niklas I think its great, 4 races&8cars to keep ya busy, and I think the handling is great. No problems with controls though.
mustang ally f***! just needs a couple of tweaks and its there. Easily the most complete wip ive seen.
jethro By timing I mean that the lap times are really c*** on a slow machine, and that means you get beaten by the other players. Play this on a Pentium III 300Mhz or faster and you will have no problem except if you go overboard it will be too fast. Great game!:)
mmmmme piii300! might be time to upgrade a little me thinks.
Rowan Upstone ex good
mr negative You've got a too high rating, I give you a 1!!!!
MONKEYMOOK Surely the rating system is meant to be for giving your rating of what the game is worth out of 10, and not for levelling out other peoples opinions. Mr.Sad.
Greg Why is the camera so far away. I dont like this game.
PAUL HAMILTON Your machine must be too slow Greg. Ive noticed this on a pc with less than 400mhz and a poor gfx card, something to do with the framerate. As you can see by the screenshot here, the camera is meant to be close.
iAN fantastic, I love this Im gonna try something like it myself, only on water like what your water effect is like.
barclay i cant understand why this has such a high score, but ive got to give it 10/10 its just so good. very hard to believe that this was made by only one person. Its on a par with SNES mariokart.
David Miguel 17 i see, it seem good.... at least has good graphics something important in the games....
CHINA7 I thaught you were going to make an update with 5 laps? thats what you said at the bottom. Or did you just make that BMW game instead? Also great game.
MISSION Rated: 10/10
Woody One of the best Div games ever. Rated: 10/10
jethro Will there be a DIV 2 recompilation Paul? Great game, can't stop playing it! You definately get 10.
MR.X frickin hell this game rules, but I think your f-zero plays a hell of a lot better, make a new one, now. Rated: 10/10
Ian Price How on earth could this game have been downloaded over 27000 times. Surely some mistake??
MONKEYMOOK this game appears on many websites all around europe and is also featured on 3 cd compilations, in france, holland, and germany i think.
DeadMaster oh wow! u could sell this bad boy 2 NINTENDO for ton's of CASH! Rated: 10/10
scrivs exellent game i just cant stop playing it. i recomend that everyone downloads this game! Rated: 10/10
MONKEYMOOK I think everyone already has scrivs! 45,000 people!
Inventive Software Make that 50,000 downloads! Rated: 10/10
MONKEYMOOK pretty darn amazing to make a game in your bedroom that 50,000+ people have played. Geeze if I had dollar for every download!
MONKEYMOOK if(state==a or state==b) paul=rich; end
Molusc I don't like your game. It makes me not do other things I want to do Rated: 10/10
Dennis Why is this downloaded 88706 times? Rated: 9/10
GameZone wtf??? how many downloads can u get????? Rated: 10/10
TITIMASTER Good characters, but I don´t like backgrounds and circuits gfx. The controls are a bit too hard (specially because cars only run from a certain speed). Anyway, good WIP. Rated: 7/10
mcgembus Rated: 8/10
DeadMaster Never gets old. Looks great. Would fit right into the palms of Nintendo. Make more and sell them :P Rated: 10/10

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