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Programming has a bad reputation of being a complicated and dark field, even more so when it comes to games. The reason for such an image is the lack of information and the secrecy of the alleged geniuses who have the knowledge. We are not geniuses. We make games because we like them and we would like lo share with you the information we have about our hobby.

One day someone imagined a tool to create computer video games which would contain all the necessary utilities.

Everything started with the idea of inventing a new programming language, the first specifically designed for the development of video games. Many options were considered, and all existing programming languages were thoroughly studied with the aim of coming up with a new concept. A language which could be accessible to beginners and at the same time powerful enough to achieve professional developments.

The result of that search is the DIV programming language: a compromise between several options. The main problem was to determine which particular features video games had in common which are not shared by the rest of the programs. This was essential in order to design a language which would make video games development easier.

Video games are probably the only type ot computer programs that share less things in common with one another. Therefore the first decision had to be about the type of video games that the language was to include since only a general purpose language would be able to include every imaginable game.

Did this challenge maek any sense then? Well, it seems that it did. The constant features of video games are the use of graphics on the screen and the programming of movement, animation, sound and so on. DIV is focused towards these common features.

However, DIV Games Studio is much more than a programming language. It is a graphics environment where you can start developing a game and finish it without ever exiting DIV.

We have tried to put everything into it that our imagination could conceive, and we almost did. I say almost because quite a few ideas have had to be left out. The only consolation we have is that perhaps in future versions, those ideas could be added.

But that's something that right now is out ot our hands. Now it is up to you. It's up to you to become captivated by DIV Games Studio, and to really enjoy and utilise our work. That was the hope that encouraged us to make it all the way here.

Our aim was to develop a simple tool to use, so that it only requires the user to have a passion for video games.

We have put everything we have into DIV and the product is intended to be easy to use. professionally finished and at a very competitive price.

We think that DIV is the best way to learn how to program and at the same time the most entertaining one.

If there isn't a creator in you, we won't be able to make you develop incredible graphics and programs which could become amazing games. But if there is that creator in you, we will provide you with everything you need to make it come true.

You may be surprised by the great number of sample games that are included with DIV Games Studio. The reason why we have included all these games is that we feel that the only way to really learn something is to see it working. Those of us that have been working in programming for some time now are addicted to it and all of us have learned by watching others.

The games that we included are not very complex - they are just examples of some of the things you can do with DIV. None of these games use even 20% of the real possibilities DIV provides. We have tried to represent most of the typical styles of video games and you can learn a lot from them. There are even more examples here on div-arena, with more being added by users like you on a near daily basis!

What can I expect to get from DIV Games Studio? That's a good question. Well, we think that at first you should just take it as a game, an adventure, you should investigate whatever you feel like, try plenty of things and if eventually you decide to make some kind of serious work, even professional, you can be sure that DIV will not disappoint you. There are a number of users who started working with DIV as their first step into programming who have gone onto successful game programming careers.

Perhaps you'll be responsible for the next successful hit. That's up to you now. We will be waiting for you.

Daniel Navarro - Creator of DIV Games Studio

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