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by AFutgiz

Uploaded on 1st Mar 2002 - Downloaded 1144 times


Two players shooting game, its cool = has lots of blood. I included map editor and the game source code - hope you enjoy. Rate it too, with a good grade.


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Name Comment
Adherbal it crashed :( so can't give a rating. Could it have something to do with that graphics1.dll ?
Tovi Well, it did work for me, and I like it alot, only two things that are bothering me: Lasers are slow and 2-player only... but for the rest, Very good game! Nicely worked out, and well presented with lots of options.
Futgiz Thx for the comments, developing stopped but source included. If hated something you may continue developing if like. Tovi, what u mean lasers are slow?!? 2 Players only, its a deathmatcher. Adding more players is really easy, but computers would be more difficult. Adh, you have probs with your computer more likely. But if you like, look for my site/signature for a patch; its not needed but improves and adds div2 possibilies.
drageo Also i like lasers! works ok on p3, really good bit of code that!very confusing though :) erm.. just drop me a line maybe, if you have time to explain. any idea's on what i can do with it? I am intending to make a multiplayer game, e.g two players over head in div2, so that u can use LAN/IP.. etc?
Futgiz Now i got whats wrong with lasers Tovi, u mean they doesnt work fast in your computer? Well theres plenty of options to turn for em, and you can also disable em. ;)
Peter good good. you know your menus are rather excellent.
Futgiz Peter, i told you gonna use your fancy dll somewhere.. Thanks for you sarcastic comment! ;)
Futgiz Okay i just d/l it my self from here and i really recommend to get the patch, the menus look rather bad without the patch. Theyr like that due the.. Anyway get the patch also! To get, check readme for download. Or from my msgboard signature.
retep it wasnt sarcasm its true the menu mightnt look great but its very good lots of layers and all that, if only you didn't post so much spam
Futgiz SPAM? Okay it wasnt sarcasm, just to say that the menus are great? The game is mainly off the menus. Well thx anywayz, u2u me that SPAM thing.
xPheRe Ah! Yes, yes! Laser is FUNNYYYYYYYYYYY ;) Rated: 8/10

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