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Magic Sword

by Tovi

Uploaded on 8th Mar 2002 - Downloaded 1480 times


Remake of the original Magic Sword, not the arcade one, but the SNES one. The game has 5 levels in it, 3 short normal levels, 1 boss, and 1 bonus. And there are a total of 4 enemies, 1 boss, 3 normal.Couple of IMPORTANT notes:-Druids are created randomly. Dont waste your time on destroying every one of them.-Druids can only be destroyed from the back.-The Boss can only be destroyed with fireballs.Bugs:Only annoying bug is that I put the fps in the beginning to 18 fps, this is too low for hardnessmap detection, so you may fall through platforms sometimes. This WILL be fixed in the next version.So enjoy, give me comments, and dont forget to try out the options menu, took me some while there. Go ahead, download it!


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Name Comment
scribbley Very enjoyable blast from the past. Mind I couldnt kill the big end of level guardian. Not sure if I was doing something wrong there.. Very good game.
Tovi D'oh, I just downloaded my own game, just to see what it was like... I should have listened to Adherbal when he said "Never submit too soon". And he was right! Compared to the version I'm making right now, this is very bad... oh well...
Adherbal very good Tovi ! I did kill the boss in the first try ! a single more hit and he'd have me though :) And I really like the idea to add RPG elements to it
Dan Nice. Very true to the original :) Keep up the good work. Be careful when using music from other games though, some poeple can turn nasty if you don't give the proper credit, I should know ;)
Peter good good needs improvement nice options by the by
RaverDave is a very well presented game..I never played the original though! It was just abit too easy..I found that jumping across the levels seemed to avoid me getting killed every time! And the dragon at the end was just again running leftright and shooting the fireball! Still I enjoyed it!Nice game.! I nearly completed the bonus game with the bears aswell.. i got cocky though and it swiped my head off!grrrrr..
Tovi You are all too kind to me! The next version will be way better. Raverdave: I'll make sure in the next version you can't do this. Peter: I know it needs improving, but I can't fix it completely without rewriting the entire game, I can just partially fix it to make it less buggy. Dan: I gave credit to the original author :) check credits. Adherbal: RPG elements nearly done. Scribbley: the trick is that it can't hit you while it's jumping high in the air. Just jump to the other side through him, and hit him when he lands. You can't hit him when he attacks or jumps though... that's a bug...
BBS A little bit hard but a very good remake Tovi. I give you a 10
Futgiz Heh it kicks some ash! Okay there where sucha many enemys that i jumped the maps basicly, looks like Raver did the same:P Anyway, if the next version is way better, i cant rate it, 10 is the max! ;)
bart_the_13th I hate DRUID!!!! GIMME BAZOOKA!!! COOL GAME WORTHS 10 Rated: 10/10
PBgamer Great game, proffesional quality (haven't played the original game though)! Sorry that I rate it this late, but that's because I don't download WIPs that mutch anymore (used to download em all). Whel I give it a 10! because I think it's more then a 9! Rated: 10/10
PBgamer And thanks for the name in the greetings list! :)
retep I truly love magic sword its so great! Rated: 10/10

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