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Evil Divide

by Scribbley

Uploaded on 19th Feb 2002 - Downloaded 4030 times


*Warning* this game contains a fair bit of violence and exploding bodies.This is a 1 level demo from my latest game projectI am sorry but you will need quite a nice PC to enjoy it fully. I will see if I can speed things up a little soon. Let me know how you get on with it. FPS is top left. Check out the readme for keyboard controls.Have fun.


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Name Comment
Tovi What else can I say than... WOW! Graphics are excelent, programming is excelent, lightning effects are excelent, sound is great... Very good game... A lot more violence than your last games, but everything should be possible, right? In the next version, will there be more weapons, like a machine gun or something... cause slow traveling bullets can get annoying... Anyway, 10/10!
drageo wo! nice play on words wiv da title..also i like all of it.but erm..mayb a bit futuristic for me? anyways, 9/10 (10 would hav to b perrrrrrrrrfect)
Ali_11 considered adding D3D? hehe
chris shead Well what can i say,,,Just when you think you have seen it all in div1 Scrib dose somthing fantastic...nice one dood..10++
Dan R. Who needs DIV2's mode 8 when you can do this :-) Excellent stuff!
RaverDave Who needs div2 mode8??!! I think seriously this place should employ scribbs!
Dennis You MUST make this with DIV2, you MUST!!!!!!!! I even haven't got time to play it through!!! I want to give at least 100 for this game but 10 is maximum ;) ;) ;)
Clwe Very impressive for DIV! The short visibility/shooting distance's a little annoying, but pretty much everything else is brilliant...especially the atmosphere. It's a shame that the frame rate's a little iffy on my ageing comp, though...
PAUL HAMILTON A very good effort, please bring more of this on!
Mike_S Very good, and the FPS isn't that bad on an average machine...
Sephiroth Very good as usual! Nice looking, performs fine on my pc, only small fuss I have about it is when I detonated the room full of barrels it was still full of monsters instead of gibs :D LOL - but its cool! 10/10
Frimkron Excellent! The only thing I would change is the resolution of the player process - at times I found myself walking at strange angles.... other than that its very good - scary monsters!
David Youngman Bloody Hell, what a master piece, we bow down to you Scribbley, you are the master of Div FPS games.... (-;
Mike Green Awesome stuff scrib, what more can I say?
ceocan too dark
scribbley Oh.. did I forget on the readme that you can use Plus and Minus on the numpad to alter brightness. :o) no longer too dark huh? :0)
ceocan thats better 10/10 :)
Inventive Software Sorry. It is tons better than any other shoot-em-up I've ever seen. It beats DOOM for definate. Can't wait for mode 8 version to come out with DIV 2.
PAUL HAMILTON I dont know who's voting you down but this is easily better than any of the games above yours, 10/10, maybe DIV-Arena should have their own section for their top rated games\wips, you know their own top10 with maybe a wip of the month? If they could be bothered like.
Adherbal Paul, what do you think the "top rated wip's" list is ? and you can sort the wips on rating (and dls). Great game btw scribbs, but I allready said that in the review :)
PAUL HAMILTON Adherbal, I was trying to think about a fair top10. "THEIR own top10" was what I said. One that cant be rigged by the creators of the actual games. One that is controlled by someone with an unbiased view. Plus if you look at the current 'top10', some of the games are ancient, how long do you think they should stay there? Some are 7 months old, and who realy thinks that BomberXmas demo should be in our top10, not me. Maybe a list of games with most downloads that month would be good too. Sorry for this being on your page Scribbs. Still 10/10.
Leon B Quite easily the best WIP I've played for ages
Robert Telkman Thank you!
Olli one of the best, m7 and a simple "3d" like walls. im waiting for the full version...
Ornsack I've just upgraded my computer, so I tried it again... But the same problem occurs. WHY ME??? It looks great! Well done =)
10e Wicked! O'yeah Happy Paddyz Day -Tenny Co.Louth Ireland
KingC Dude ..... arghhh i kind find anything good enough to describe it (except cheese !)
South Parketeer Liked the game. Especially the South Park-like ghost!! Should have been called South Park Divide!!! Or Quake Park!!!
bart_the_13th AWESOME! You got my vote 10!!! Try to remove unseen wall to speed up!! Trust me it will work!!! Rated: 10/10
jmackett verdict=99% Rated: 10/10
jmackett I've been downloading all week and may i just just say you've won jamie's(drum roll please)...........1st best game of the week!!!! congraulations and keep making games. Rated: 10/10
FFAddict my e-mail is webmaster@garethchat.zzn.com
DeadMaster Rated: 10/10
MISSION Can't wait for more!! Rated: 9/10
Dash von bash what crazy foo' rated this game 5\10?!? Rated: 10/10

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