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Legend of Fantasy

by Thomas Krak

Uploaded on 11th Feb 2002 - Downloaded 1271 times


very short RPG, just 5 levels of power, 2 spells, start of the story, and 1 area. Still hope you enjoy it.PS. still working on it


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Name Comment
Htbaa Until i came out of the house...
Dennis :D so you use my battle music. So someone actually downloads my games!!! that's +1 mate!
Thomas great graphs from any of ya games.
Frank Groeneveld Mooie graphics. Great graphics.
Clwe Yeah, the house graphics are cool...that'll be because they're from Chrono Trigger, along with the main character. Nothing wrong with that, though ;) . However...the main character's too slow, and there's quite a few bugs. Plus, there isn't really enough here to judge the game properly so far...
Tovi I knew I saw these graphics before! ah well, (as Clwe said) there's nothing really here to judge the game properly. But don't stop making this game though.. DIV-ARENA needs more RPG's, so keep working on this one...
Pearme2000 I would of gave this game an 9 if you actually drawn the graphics yourself!!
Anoniem Ik dacht gewoon even mijn stem uit te brengen en dat doe ik leuk of niet. Ik zit bij je in de klas
BBS Good WIP but the resolution needs to 320x200 or bigger graphics.Nice sfx! :)
Pim Hoi Thomas ik jouw gespeeld en ook op school ik vind hem goed dus ik vind dat ik hem een cijfer moet geven.
Dude Could I have the script for dis game or any RPG's that anyones got????
Thomas I'm still working on it but i just can't get a bug in the INN fixed. New version will have worldmap, more monsters, more speech and some bug's fixed
marc i know its modeled after chrono trigger. but hell, chrono trig. was a kick ass game. keep up the good work.
bart_the_13th Relax... Graphics could be done after the source code,no?? Cool?? COOL!!! Rated: 9/10

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