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Vegetas Assault

by Christiaan Kras

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Please, if you play it, play it until the end (it's apiece of cake) so you see what this game is about._________Keys:1..5: Select attack (only when you are SSJ, SSJ2 or Majin Vegeta)Mouse: To moveLeft Mouse: to fire or charge your attackWhen you use an attack like the Gallit Gun or Big Bang Attack hold down the mouse button to charge it, but whatch out for you KI status, if it goes 0 you lose youre attack.How longer you charge, even more powerfuller it gets.When you kill an enemy your power level rises and your score.When you reach a power level of 1.000.000 you'll become a Super Saiyan whit 5 attacks (KI Attack, Gallit Gun, Big Bang Attack, Energy Disc and Multiply Ki Attack)______________The game needs some sound inprovements but it's ok to play.I don't know any bug in the game so that should be ok.When you are in the main menu use 1..3 to select difficulty, 1 is easy, 2 is normal and 3 is hard.After you've beaten a level you can save or load or go on to the next level.______Story:A guy collected DNA from the most powerfull fighters in the Galaxy and created Robots of them.Vegeta encounters this and decides to take a look for who's behind all of this.To get by this mysterious man he has to travel true space and true planets to follow the track of his robots.Also, Vegeta sences a great fighting power, one he has never felt before.By destroying all these robots he may get strong enough..._______TIPS:Robots of the same kind explode when they collide because of there hi energy.Try to dodge the meteors._________Please send comments/tips/whatever to


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Name Comment
Tifu It looks like a very good start, keep it up ^_^ I like the range of attacks you've made too. :)
Thomas better look at the screenshot....
Poohead Some diferent sounds maybe...
Htbaa Can't you guys rate it???
Brandon Carter big fan of DBZ, but please make an RPGish type mode for this, like have alot of battles, power up to ssj and power down. Then have sagas, it would make the game excellent
Htbaa You can get stronger and you can become a SSJ.
Flight Cool game! I love the transformation to Super Saiyan! keep it up! Rated: 8/10

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