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Zero Tolerance

by Peter van Dalen

Uploaded on 5th Dec 2001 - Downloaded 1512 times


Could you please tell me if I should finish this?Controls:Key Left - Move LeftKey Right - Move RightSpacebar - JumpAlt Key - Shoot (when you've picked up the gun)To open lockers, walk past it, and it will open automatically and the items will be stored in your inventory.To use a ladder: put your character in front of it and press Key Up.To get off the ladder: simply press Space.To move your character while on the ladder:Press key up or down.The idea of the game (so far.): go from room to room by1) getting three colored disks2) insert them in the appropriate terminals3) these terminals will deactivate the laserbarriers.In the lower left corner of the screen is a graphical representation of the complex you are in.Red areas are rooms. Green area is the room you are currently in. Not shown is how the rooms are connected(note: do NOT enter the room on the right side of the large red area, it's not working) :(Every other red area is working fine.(BTW the guards stay dead after you leave AND re-enter the room, heheheh :)


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Tovi What a long description you got there. Anyway, I don't know where to begin. First a minor detail that I don't understand. You say the name of this game is Zero Tolerance, but when I play the game, it says in huge letters Max Power (I loved that simpsons episode). Anyway, the gameplay is great, and so are the graphics, but the sound is perfect. The music is excelent, and the foorsteps sound adds a great effect. I feel like I'm playing some sort of mission impossible game here, and I love it! My abselute favorite of all the games I have downloaded today. So please, do continue! BTW: I got the red, green and yellow card, why won't the energy field open? Or haven't you done that yet? Great game!
Peter reminds me of flashback
Mike Green Very cool, reminds me a lot of Impossible Mission on the c64
Futgiz Totally C__L! Even i got died pretty often, bad me. But this is some addictive sh*t you know! All you who havent get it, do it! :)
Peter van Dalen Ummm,...Max Power is actually a working title |-( (and a bad one at that) It's from "Pearl Harbor" and that Doolittle guy kept yelling: Max Power, Max Power. LOL :)
chclau very good! - you already said you are going to continue it, so know I'm also waiting ;^)
basilB yeah flashback/mission imp/abes oddysy cool. just needs better gfx. map is similar to super metroid which is good. cant wait for the update.
a_dope i found it too hard
Frank Groeneveld Great game, good gameplay, can't wait for the rest of the game.
Tomek It is very good
Ian Price Very good! Keep working on it
PhoeniX het enige wat nog mist is een Quit Button want die is er nog nie.... voor de rest PERFECTE game
GregBo654 BRILL!!! - keep working on it!
TheHoraceBoBo FANTASTIC!!!
Mainland1 A cool game, Peter.
bruce please update the grafix
Paul A very good game with a solid game world. Please bring us the update, its been 4 months.

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