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The BMW Driving Challenge

by Paul Hamilton

Uploaded on 2nd Dec 2001 - Downloaded 1344 times


Mode7 driving games, including The BMW balloon Poppoing Challenge and The Great Cone Squashing Tournament. Race 3 other cars and score the most points to win. Its got wheels that you can see spinning ,you can make skidmarks on the ground, balloons that pop and fall to the ground and some good control.


Name Comment
Greg Very addictive game. I'd like the .prg if i saw it! I get a little anoyed about the control - it's not very realistic, but other that that, it's FAB!!!!!
Tovi The graphics are perfect, what can I say? The game is very addictive and fun. Maybe you could turn it into a racing game?
bart_the_13th Great graphics!!! But don't you think they're too big??
Htbaa I don't get what you have to do but nice car graphics!
Futgiz Nice game. Even theres isnt much of game yet, but its a wip. Really nice GFX, but iam not so keen on your kind of car handling..
Paul Lvl2-Pop the balloons!
Mau the Crusher is boring!Why don't you make a racing game?
Jethro Walters Amazing graphics. Gameplay isn't too good, but that's what a WIP is all about. MUST DOWNLOAD!!!!
Ross Pauls been busy!!!!!!!!!! cool game, Whats next on ya list?
David Great Game, keep up the good work Paul maybe you can produce the next freeware Grand Turismo (-:
Ornsack It wouldn't work. All those huge sprites must have been a shock to my poor old computer!
jethro OK, so it needs a fairly fast processor to keep up with it, around a P3 400Mhz will do the business for it. Extremely jumpy on anything less than a P2 233Mhz. Needs 128Mb of RAM for optimum performance!
Ricardo.E.Aguilar sorry, can anybody tell me how to open this program, after you donwload it.. everytime i download something it asks me, what i want to open it with www.ricardo9812@yahoo,com
reDeathDragon in the way!! AAHHH!!!! SLPATT
marko Not bad-- it's fun, but I think you should leave this as is and focus on your other outstanding projects! Rated: 6/10

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