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Legend of the Elements v1.4

by Dennis

Uploaded on 29th Oct 2001 - Downloaded 1334 times


This time you're able to smash bosses, solve puzzles, and be touched by the fantasy, storyline and music. Click "Download now" and be ready to be swallowed in my created world of fantasy!


Click the image to play!

Name Comment
Aeryen One of the best RPGs created with DIV at the moment. Keep up the good work!
Futgiz Nice one, even you get on a battle too often, i think which starts to ennoy in couple of minutes..! Those dialog boxes looks cool, keep it coming! :)
Dennis There are still people who don't understand the battle system. You are able to read the book in Akira's house...There's an explanation of everything about battles.
Terra Incognita very impressive, sorry to say this but i dont like the new tiny screen look
yzual never seen more beautiful RPG created with DIV .
Dmodus Not a bad game, the window is too small, and the battle system is a little bugged, but it is fun to play and when it is fully released I can see this vbecoming a top game.
Dennis I have to redraw all scenaries if I want to make it on fullscreen. If I resize them it's very ugly, though. So a better solution doesn't lie in my hand...
Dennis By the way, Leon Brett is going to finish this game, so stop asking me! :-)
Gul it is really good. maybe you can change all menus next to the screen so it gets filled up a bit. i do like it very much:) Rated: 9/10
Woody Good game, VERY good game. It has its problems, but its still a gem. Can't wait until its done! Rated: 9/10

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