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Gallactic Assault

by Lukas"Adherbal"Nijsten

Uploaded on 27th Jan 2002 - Downloaded 547 times


The full version of this team based space shoot'em up. You and your allies will have to fight battles againts the enemy starfleets. (this time starting from level 1)


Name Comment
roxh well done, it rocks
Ferret Can't wait to play this. Bet it's better than demo. So I voted a 9. MWHAHAH!!
Ferret I couldn't work out how to fire my missiles though, worked out the cannons. I can't get past the lvl with the little bug ships, they keep regenerating like 10 of 'em a time. Grrr.... Also, why wont Planet Domination or Capture the Flag work? Sounds cool, why didn't you implement it? Thought this was a GAMEOVER...... But this is the best game in DIV I have played yet.
Ferret Oh yeah, This game is SCREAMING out for a mission editor. This would have got it a guaranteed 10.
Ferret Why wont this game work in 800x600? Why you used 1029x764 resolution?
Adherbal it's a GAMEOVER, cos 1) I think it's "over" enough^^, and 2) I quit working on this ages ago
Tovi Best game you have ever made (and showed in public) :D
Ferret Ok, YAY! I finally completed it! The bit on lvl10 where the fighters came in. It went really really slow, brilliant game though.
Black Demon thanks !
Adherbal note: I forgot to include the readme, so if you want it, just download the previous GameOver version. It includes info about the ships & controls
Htbaa But the game realy rocks!!
plougot a perfect game !!!
Htbaa I can't win level 9!!!
Adherbal it's the hardest one, TIP: keep the IONcannon galleons alife by staying in front of them when enemies arrive, so they don't get picked as first targets
Htbaa Well, i'm going to try it again!!
Htbaa I finished the game, level 10 rules
Tom Broekmans I don't comment quickly to a game, but couldn't resist to do so in this case. Very nice game! Very slow too! But I especially like the AI of your other teammembers. Very good job on that! Makes me jealeous!!!! Keep on going!
ceocan sometimes it is a little slow
Stick man Is your real name Laurence Holland (creator of X-wing v Tie Fighter series)? Could do wiv mission editor like Ferret says, and would be better finished, but it still rocks hugely big massiv great style! Rated: 9/10
Htbaa His name is Lukas Neisten/Nijsten (one of the two :-) )
ghotistix PERFECT!!! Rated: 10/10
McCloud Nice game...sorta reminds me of Asteroids. Couldn't get the sound to work for some reason... Rated: 8/10
Gul brilliant Rated: 10/10
irishturkey swwwwwweeeeeeeeeeettttt Rated: 10/10
Pilot 13 Yeh this is good. I played this now because people said it was good and it is. Well Done Adherbal. Rated: 8/10
MuDvAyNiAn cool, this game is quite good Rated: 8/10
Woody Horrendously bad Rated: 10/10
Ferret I agree with Woody, worst game ever..... Rated: 10/10
Groovygecko I had to reinstall windows after playing this. I just felt so dirty. Rated: 10/10
Nex This is a masterpiece, it has a very professional feel to it. It is however a little slow paced for my liking but that is a very small thing, and only because I like fast paced stuff. If I ever make anything anywhere near as good as that i'll be a very happy guy. Rated: 10/10
Arles Rated: 10/10
JoeBeard Still as good as ever! Rated: 10/10

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