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Fishdish 2

by Peter van Dalen

Uploaded on 12th Nov 2002 - Downloaded 1948 times


Sequel to Fishdish. There are lots of new features.(check out the jaws theme)The names in the highscore list are "default". Also view the the readme for explanation, controls and other things.The PRG is also included


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Name Comment
GREEN DEVIL COOL, finally, fishdish2!!!!! Rated: 10/10
Mike Green I've fixed the download now
VINIC Great little game and good avolution from Ian's... Rated: 9/10
ecko This game is better than the first, but I think it's harder too. Anyway, my highscore is 187500. Rated: 10/10
Woody Oh, man, everything about this game is perfect! It isn't just Fishdish with more fish, either. Definitely a worthy sequel. Rated: 10/10
PBgamer Less addictive then Fishdish 1 (probably because I've played it that much), but certainly a better game in both programming as graphical aspects. Rated: 8/10
Ian Price I'm downloading now, so no rating.
VINIC oops! I'm confused! I thought it was you! Then, all merit goes to Peter! ;)
t money very fun. i just wish there was more things to collect that float around. the time freeze is nice, but how about extra lives or something that would let you eat any of the fish for a small amount of time. but i can't deny that the game play is very addictive. keep up the good work! Rated: 9/10
Gul nice game! Rated: 8/10
Ariel Yust Great game ! I Loved The First One Too And This Is Great One ! Rated: 10/10
Pharaoh Man X I could give it a higher rate, but I can't distinguish the yellow fish from the green fish (I suffer of daltonism). Rated: 7/10
soso cool Rated: 10/10
Pharaoh Man X Peter, sincerely, I'm sorry for using your background.

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