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Sorcerers' Duel

by Mark Frimston

Uploaded on 20th Jul 2002 - Downloaded 1659 times


Turn-based spell-casting wizard card game in mode8. You can play against the computer or against another player across an IPX network.


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Name Comment
X_stream I like the effects :) Rated: 9/10
chilledoutjohn very cool, liked the feel of the game reminds me of somthing, duno what though..... Rated: 9/10
Woody Very original, incredibly deep, and great graphics. An excellent game! Rated: 9/10
Ferret There are some really good ones like that.... Oh god! He burnt the trees!!! God damn!!! Rated: 8/10
Groovygecko Well roger me this game is good. Very Good. Rated: 10/10
Fenix Project 1.0 A great work :) reminds me a card combat game... what was the name?... though it had also creatures along with spells... For the game... just a bit slow as some parts ar "mouse click based" and card countering is quite hard to master ... spell effects are great... a note... sometimes some processes get dropped behind (I specially found that with lava combo... some fire balls where left clinging to the towers...) Rated: 8/10
Ferret 1 question though, what are moon and sun and earth supposed to do? they dont seem to have any immediate effect....
VINIC I like it a lot! very good visuals! Congratulations! Rated: 9/10
Fenix Project 1.0 :P and no, it is not magic the gathering... it was from CDO (I think...) and had two towers that lost height (same as this game) but the gameplay was quite different
Gul Very very good! Rated: 9/10
Tovi Well, since the DIV2 help didn't exactly give a good example, I went around div-aren to look for a good game that supports IPX, so that I could see if it works on my computers. And it does! Now I can start my very own ipx games. And this really is two bird with one stone, cause the game is awesome. Good job! Keep it up! :) Rated: 10/10
Tifu Ahh, awesome game. Lovely camera angles and nice animations for the effects. Great stuff.
theCremator I knew a game which was simply calles "towers". The lose height if the other hit it.
Ornsack Pure Genius!! Amazing bit of programming and the 3D stuff is brilliant.. Very cool! Just a bit too hard, otherwise I'd have given ya the full 10/10, but I'm sure we'll all get over that! Rated: 9/10
Inventive Software Sweet stuff. Awesome. Shame I don't have IPX or I would try the network thingy. Rated: 9/10
Arcane You really ought to add more cards, or make a sequel or something. Rated: 10/10
soda Good job. Rated: 9/10
Adherbal this game is one beauty Rated: 10/10
DeadMaster fooking awesome. Rated: 10/10
the_monkey-catfish Wow. Maybe best 3d gfx i've seen on a div game Rated: 8/10

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