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Final Orbit

by Mark Frimston

Uploaded on 1st Sep 2001 - Downloaded 403 times


This is the latest version of my RTS called Final Orbit (the game was originally called Event Horizon). The game uses a tile-drawing system to get Fog of war (or shroud) without slowing it down too much. I've put in the first mission of the game and a map to demonstrate how the base-building works (you get infinite cash at the moment).Have fun!Oh, by the way, I need more unit voices for the game so if anyone wants to record a WAV of themself saying 'Afirmative' or 'yes, sir' or whatever and E-mail it to me I would be incredibly grateful! Cheers.


Name Comment
ion_tovi7 Great RTS!!! A weird mix between C&C and Z.(How did you get the screen to shake at explosions? :) And nice music too.
kijk uit ik bijt I think it's great! I'm just a beginner, but i'm working on a puzzle-arcade game named Saki?Haki now, so visit my site for info!!
Lukas nice game , good to have some competition ;-)
Vincent They're ggggggggggreat.
chclau Great RTS - It's a 10 for me! - The mission's path was very carefully planned - Keep going! - I expect more missions...
ProDemon 10 for me, very nice game. I just found out about this div program and it looks cool, im gona try to make RTS games =)
Futgiz Absolutely great game man! This is something like.. AHH! Absolutely nice work!
The Game Freaks Yesterday i play EARTH 2150 and today i play FINAL ORBIT! It's just the same game! This game is a great RTS game!! Keep going with this!!
spoony great but improve the gfx
$olid Snake Ps geinig om ook een hollander bij de rates te zien staan! $olid Snake
Luis/NiGHTS My god, I did not know something of this calibur was possible with only the work of one person. Simply amazing. A great piece of motivation to show whats possible with DIV. Bravo.
Flash you get a 10 from me too!
evilplanner *drool* wow. I'm pretty amazed. that is one brilliant RTS, if you can finish it; I love the enemy. plot's nice too. the special effects, like the circuit boards and the title, and the screen-shaking explosions, are fantastic for something like div. whoop whoop!!
Kim-elet-o enough good, but you need to get better the unit's AI
squig master Wat een vette game!!
Dash von bash WOWW!!! graphics:10! sound: 10!!!(great music) gameplay: 10!!! it plays very good!!!!(i did'nt now something more original) Rated: 10/10
DeadMaster cool! like the music and graphics! :D Rated: 9/10
Ariel Yust WORK ON IT MORE !!!!!!!!! Rated: 9/10

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