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MODE8 IS ALIVE! 3D (ish) games are back in DIV

posted by MikeDX on 21st May 2016

After a lot of hard work, failure and success, I am pleased to announce DIVDX now has full MODE8 support.

This brings the compatibility of DIV2 and DIV1 to 100% without exception.

Mode8 was the final piece of the puzzle to be solved, and because it was all in 32bit watcom assembly, it had to be ported to C.

The man who helped made this happen is Fransesco who you may know from GEMIX - One of the projects that aims to be DIV2 compatible.

I have uploaded a demo online to try, and see it working in full 8bit glory!

Look out for mode8 in a nightly build soon!

Older News

Networked multiplayer in DIV returns!

posted by MikeDX on 23rd March 2016

After some effort, DIV now has a working network multiplayer example,

In the youtube video linked above, you can see two instances of DIV running on the same machine, communicating over a networked socket, which will be expanded over the next few days to support full online play. This means you can create a game in DIV, and have players on all the different devices all playing against each other. You'll be able to try this out in a future nightly build, and I'll try to get a html / javascript exported demo up soon for some massively multiplayer fun (100 player falling rocks maybe? )

Let me now what you think on the forum, and check out the example code

Sounds in the IDE

posted by MikeDX on 17th March 2016

Something to look forward to in a future beta is the return of the sounds editor. So far we can load / preview a wav file and play them within the editor. This opens up the library of wav files included with div for use in your games.

Look out for this in a nightly build, and a future beta release!

DIV Beta for Open Pandora Released

posted by MikeDX on 14th March 2016

The first beta for the Open Pandora console of DIV GAMES STUDIO is now available from the Pandora repo. This package includes the demo files, and the columns and pitfall remakes, so you can get coding straight away!

Updated Betas released

posted by MikeDX on 14th March 2016

DIV Beta 11b has now been uploaded to the downloads page. This should fix the new / open file issues some people were experiencing. This beta also supports loading of OGG files via load_song.

Beta 11 for OSX Now Available

posted by MikeDX on 13th March 2016

The first public beta for OSX is now ready to download from the downloads page. You will need the SDL Frameworks install for this to run. Let me know on the forum how you get on with it!

Beta 11 Released

posted by MikeDX on 12th March 2016

The latest public beta of DIV has been released. This is mostly a windows build fix, and reintroduces the drive list and fixes the issues in the file browser listing files correctly. It should also fix the palette issues and FPG loading problems. Give it a try!

Play ALL the Remakes online in your browser!

posted by MikeDX on 2nd March 2016

All 11 remakes are now converted to JavaScript allowing you to play in your browser without downloading anything. No plugins necessary. just go and enjoy them all.

Wips! Games! Remakes!

posted by MikeDX on 1st March 2016

I've just finished uploading most of the archive that I have (for now) of the old games. The list should no auto populate to show what can be downloaded. We have approximately 300 wips, 100 games and all 11 remake titles.

Hopefully soon we can recover the rest, and maybe sooner even see some new ones showing up!

WIPS in the browser

posted by MikeDX on 29th February 2016

The first game playable in the browser directly from the wip page is here. That accolade goes to the 3rd place competition entry in our remakes competition BIG MAC PC which is a remake of a classic C16 platformer.

As time goes on, all the wips, games, remakes, competition entries and every other div program (game or otherwise) will be playable without even leaving the site!

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