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Moon of Nesnah

by Rik Farenhorst

Uploaded on 30th Mar 2002 - Downloaded 775 times


MoN is a 2D-space shooter. The graphics aren't superb but the gameplay should compensate for that. We believe this game is really exciting and we are very curious if anybody makes it through all 4 levels. This shouldn't be easy. :)


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Name Comment
Rikkie Great game. Especially the menu's and the interfaces make this a very complete game. The background music rocks. And I'm addicted to it now, because level 3 is very hard, but I have to finish it :) Rated: 9/10
Rikkie This is a game everybody should play at least once.
Terra Incognita Seriously good, it shows div hasnt drained all the life out of the space shooter genre, but did you actually test it to see if it can be done because i cant imagine how im going to beat a hail of bullets, rockets, asteroids and 1 gargantuan ship compared to my tiny ship on level 4
Lysander Didn’t expect much from the screenshot, but thought I’d give it a try anyway. Though it starts of easy and simple, it gets harder (and more addictive) fast! This is a game I know you’ll enjoy. That is if you like space shooters. The screenshot doesn't do it justice Rated: 8/10
Kjoe Excellent shoot-em-up. The gameplay is very good and the graphics aren't bad either. Everybody should try this game! Rated: 9/10
J.P. Coen Very original shooter. Nice menu's and good gameplay. One of the better DIV-games I've ever seen!! Rated: 9/10
TheHoraceBoBo brill game Rated: 6/10
t money game seems fleshed out quite well, but some of the pictures don't really seem to go together. while some art looks very good, other art does not. kind of gives it a make shift look and feel. Rated: 8/10

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