DLL heap seems to be smaller than the div program heap

Vortigano - 10-3-2019 at 09:26 PM

When I use malloc () from the dll the heap seems to be smaller than reserving memory from within the DIV program, so my programs crashes.
For now I use malloc () inside the div program and pass the memory pointers to the dll and i don't have problems, but i think it's good to report it.

CicTec - 11-3-2019 at 09:04 AM

Hi Vortigano,

The readme.txt file on the DLL system clearly indicates that you do not use these functions in libraries, use special functions defined in the SDK for DLLs, to avoid any problems:

It is not possible to use the functions malloc(), free(), fopen() or fclose()
so you must use instead div_malloc(), div_free(), div_fopen() and div_fclose().
This functions behave exactly the same way than the ones used on C.

Try using these features to see if it solves the problem.

Vortigano - 11-3-2019 at 01:33 PM

Ok. I think i tested it using malloc() and div_malloc() with the same problem the last year . For now I'm studying j2me and KVM (kilo virtual machine) but soon I'll test it exhaustively.