If I had a GCW Zero

Mezzmer - 5-3-2016 at 08:31 PM

These are getting quite hard to find - as they are an awesome handheld console which I believe were supported by a huge Kickstarter?

GCW Zero offical site

If only I had one, I'd definitely think about extending Hero: The Realm to a full game (having only half the levels complete and no bosses) because well, just for fun. I don't see much else in it for me :)

Man, that little thing sure is amazing. I'd prefer it to a Pandora (no use for keyboard or extended OS) and the GPH/Dingoo are getting old and tired.

It's also the perfect platform for DIV development on a handheld.

MikeDX - 13-3-2016 at 10:49 PM

GCW-Zero are getting hard to come by, the ones on ebay are usually buggered. I got lucky with mine, although it still has an issue.

DIV however, does run well on GCW-ZERO, shame the usb host and other things don't work on the system. It has many issues...