RKSoft Tutorial - Jump and Run with tiles

RKSoft - 29-9-2017 at 04:16 PM

After some time i finished my level editor to version 1.0! Now, it works well with tiles at 16x16 pixel. You can change some settings on top of my programm code.
The level editor works with a config file which not needed when you make your settings (ie: mapsize) in your game. The file extensions spr (sprites) and tiles (tiles) can be changed in the level editor if you want.

So, you control the cursor with (arrow) cursor keys. The other keys are shown on the right side of screen to use. I know you can make optimizations but for easy made tilebased levels, its enough. ^^

With the include background option, you can put your tiles exactly on their right position like in the original game (here the example of first level from Super Mario Bros.). If no background image was found (or "" as option) it will show a blue background.

Any question or comments are welcome...

screen_spritemenu.png - 23kB screen_tilemenu.png - 23kB

Download Level Editor source code:
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And here is the ready to play Jumpman example; of course, tilebased!
screen.png - 22kB

Download tilebased Jumpman example source code:
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RKSoft - 5-10-2017 at 03:43 PM

So, here is a new version of my Level Editor with some optimizations and fixes.

Changelog version 2.00:

- include a config file with the parameters of mapsize x & y, tilesize x & y and spritesize x & y which can be load direct in your game for settings
- changed tilemode to make dynamic levels
- max. tiles are 500 for both direction (x and y) - ie: your level can be max size to 8000x8000 pixels when using 16x16 tiles (bigger levels only with bigger tiles)
- changed some functions to load and create a map faster
- usefull functions can be used direct per copy&paste in your game (don't forget the definitions of variables!)
- dynamic map creation
- little window system for messages (see functions)

I hope you can use it in your games. I will continue my work in this editor (no changes in map, cfg or sprite files!). I think about a mouse control and a little menu system for editing settings.

As some changes, i uploaded a fix version of my little demogame Jumpman.

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MikeDX - 5-10-2017 at 07:20 PM

Great work Roland :)