Forgotten (WIP title)

BreadCaster - 15-4-2017 at 12:49 PM

Hello hello hello all you wondaful peeps :)

Soooo I havent been on here in a while, but Im still working on a project. For the recorddd, Cybercrisis is complete and I was holding out on releasing it until ive got a good little cut scene put together the the ending, but aside from replacing a "YOU WIN" screen with a lil animation I literally have nothing else to add :)

But Im here to talk about a new project show a few screenshots. The working title is Forgotten.

At the moment, this is very much a tech demo - but we have a vibe/direction were going in and its kind of a first person survival horror. Obviously for a project of this scope, we're going to need DIV to be able to handle 3D models and full colour, so until that happens this will remain as a nicely constructed tech demo only (I also have a sound/music guy who really throwing himself into it, a close personal friend of mine) - the main reason I'm working in mode 8 and haven't left to go to UNITY or something is twofold:

Firstly, I want to show that I can do it, since when I was young I had no freakin idea what i was doing.

Secondly, I want to show that in an old raycasting engine, some amazing things *CAN* be done if youre just careful about how you construct your levels, areas, etc.

This whole idea came out of an initial test of the rooms over rooms hack/function that I've written, which so far is functioning really well - two are present in the project so far and work reliably well. Since then I've incorporated the functions from the old Mode 8 tech test I made a while back, and added things like momentum to dom cooks swinging door code :smilegrin:

Here's a few screenshots, sorry that in some of them the texture for the ceiling and the walls is the same - its hard to get things that look good in DIVs current colour pallete :p

Hope all is well with yall!


scrn3.png - 558kBscrn1.png - 175kBscrn2.png - 497kBscrn4.png - 145kB

CicTec - 19-4-2017 at 08:56 AM

Hello breadcaster,

looks impressive, eager to try out the first playable version or demo. :)

keep it up.

BreadCaster - 10-5-2017 at 05:45 PM

More screenshots!!

New features -

* Properly textured sprite bars/thin walls using a graphics array
* Use of ambient fog
* Flickering lights now affect fog in those areas (if youre in them, or looking into them from another area)
* Graffiti decals taken from real life :P (specifically, Brick Lane in London)

Playable alpha will be available as soon as I can work out how to get a working standalone install of it!! Haha.


newscreenshots_1.jpg - 323kBnewscreenshots_2.jpg - 322kBnewscreenshots_3.jpg - 93kB

RKSoft - 11-5-2017 at 02:29 PM

I'm not a friend of such 3D games but i like your style. It looks good! :)

Dennis - 12-7-2017 at 05:35 PM

How is progress after 2 months?

BreadCaster - 12-7-2017 at 07:37 PM

Quote: Originally posted by Dennis  
How is progress after 2 months?

going well, tho i wont be posting a beta of any kind until DIV is able to compile it properly as right now it wont work properly outside the dev environment :( waiting on that new release...

BreadCaster - 14-7-2017 at 12:32 PM

just because you asked, dennis - this is how progress is coming along ;)

EDIT: my apologies for the pinkish/white line running down the left side, thats just my awful cropping of the screenshot :p

newscreenshot.png - 130kB

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