Shizuka Pop!

Dani_Karmann - 6-11-2016 at 06:55 PM

Here is another game made by me, this time is a version of classic "Pang!", with Shizuka from the anime Doraemon as the player. You have to explode all the ballons in every stage. There are several stages missing, but the game is very playable.

-You can crouch to evade the balls.
-Some fun animations for Shizuka when she wins a round.
-You can use items like the sand watch (it gives you 30 extra seconds), time watch (it freezes the balloons), fruits and food (10 of them gives you an extra life), and a temporary shield.
-4 types of weapons.

Here are some screenshots. Ah, don't worry for the language, I've made an english version.

dos4gw_010.png - 302kB dos4gw_011.png - 302kB dos4gw_012.png - 302kB dos4gw_013.png - 302kB dos4gw_014.png - 302kB

MikeDX - 6-11-2016 at 09:30 PM

This lookds very nice. I'll look forward to playing it when you upload it :)